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I have written about a few things this week. Writers are sometimes accused of stealing ideas.  I often have my ideas stolen, that is what the site is all about. I don’t mind.  I’ve been writing about all kinds of things, but some things are topical like free days out for the kids during the holidays. I have also written about buying their back to school stuff and this week many sites have articles about students starting at university. Some writers are sitting in offices remembering their student days. I’ve been talking to a student and trying to help her sort of her certificate of acceptance that she need to get her visa. I also bought her a wok from Aldi. I have my own sources of ideas, I don’t really need to steal them; but I will!

We all need to think before we spend money these days and that was the subject of yesterday’s blog. It is so easy to waste money paying the bank interest when we don’t actually need to.

Thrifty students was tips on saving money and hunting down bargains for students. Incidentally, I went back to Aldi in search of a pink wok, they had all gone. It was a case of any colour you want as long as it’s black!

How to write a letter wasn’t just about writing letters, but any document. It is a good idea to start with an introduction, then the main body of your document and then round off with a conclusion. That’s what I’m doing right now, but I am leaving the introduction until after I’ve finished the main body.

My latest post in my continuing series of Neodigital Art posts was Neodigital Art | Progressing towards Art. Those posts are always popular, you can look at the pictures!

This weeks psychology blog was how to influence people.  We all want to be able to influence people, because it can help us progress in life. Why not read that post and see if it’s helpful. You don’t have to start a blog to influence people; but it helps!

On Sunday, the post Facebook addictions was mostly written by Fairy Dharawat with a bit by me at the end. That was an attempt at humour, but wasn’t read by many people. I’m glad to say more people have been reading the blogs over the past few days.

I don’t think this week’s blogs were too bad, considering I have a stinking cold, an horrible cough and I’m slowly losing the will to live…

The thing about stuff on the Internet is none of them hardly seem to be British. Name a computer made in Britain these days. The big social media names are American, but even the Chinese have and others. We British have nothing. I do accept though that when the Americans do something; they rave about it, rather than knock it. The British find fault with just about everything unless it’s elitist. I don’t get many comments on this site from the British. I don’t get many comments at all! If you would like to comment, have something to say; please do! You can also click ‘like’ or share with your friends; lets have one British website with a bit of support!

There are more blogs on the home page, please check them out…

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