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We are having a little rain in England, in fact, I think it’s breaking records. I did get out a couple of times to take photos this week, but it was a little dark. Strangely, the sun felt hot one day, but the light wasn’t very good for photography. I wrote a few blogs and I am continuing to add to a zillion ideas! This site is only 5 months old and we have readers in 50 countries, so it could be worse. I hear of a British website selling for millions every year; I could be rich one day! If you would like to have a go at blogging, why not write a blog and send it to me at a Zillion Ideas? The email address is in the side bar >>>

The Frugal Diet | Seafood.

Yesterday, I wrote about keeping to a diet and using seafood as part of a calorie controlled diet. If you need to lose a few pounds those Frugal Diet ideas might be useful.

How to become an expert winemaker | foraging

Maybe you fancy foraging for blackberries and making some red wine? I continued with my blog about winemaking yesterday.

Writing Fiction | Past, present and future

Maybe, you fancy writing a short story, novella or novel? Then my series of blogs about writing fiction might give you some idea.

Neodigital Art | Unusual shots

I went artistic again on Tuesday with more neodigital art and some unusual shots.  You could have a go at that too, if you have a digital camera.

Psychology | Perceptions

Psychology is about how the mind works and a fascinating subject and the psychology of perceptions can be a useful subject to know something about.

Introduction to design thinking

Introduction to design thinking was a guest blog by Fairy Dharawat and worth reading if you are interested in business, have a business or you’re a business student. That was another in a series of excellent weekly guest blogs about business. I am writing this early, but this week’s guest blog might be published on Sunday, a day later than usual.

This blog isn’t 4 months old, but has already been read in over 50 countries. I still need lots of help to publicise it though. I need my readers to tell their friends, share through social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and generally talk about it. Some blogs are informative, some entertaining and some funny. This one will be scheduled to publish automatically on Saturday morning, so I have some time to write blogs for Sunday over the weekend. If it stops raining in England, who knows, I might be able to go out and take some photographs! I also need more guest bloggers to write articles and put their ideas into words and pictures. If you want to have a go, the email address is in the sidebar >>

I need more ideas, more photographs, more blogs, more comments, more shares, more likes. Please do something!  

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