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Those little irritations #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Mostly my hospital appointments and other things I have to do this week. I seemed to have a lot of little irritations this week. Those little irritations can build up until you’re close to despair. My first irritation was my watch going slow, then as I was unplugging my phone that was charging the lead was really hot. It turned out the battery on my watch was on the way out and the battery on my phone had shorted and so also needed replacing.

those little irritation

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I ordered the phone battery online from Amazon and expected one day delivery because I signed up to Amazon prime a few months ago. The message when I paid said it would be two days so I borrowed a phone. I then got an email saying it could might be delivered as late as October. I found a UK company and they sent one by second class post. I now have two but a spare is always useful. The watch battery should have been easier but the shop I usually get one from has closed down. The shop opposite didn’t have one so I went to another shop yesterday and got fleeced for £8. In the meantime, I ordered 6 online for £3 so I’ll have plenty of watch batteries too.  My battery problems didn’t end there. The hospital sends automated calls to ask me if I will actually intend to keep my appointments and when I answered the batteries in my cordless phone died. That was when I started to despair.

Those little irritations

I survived those little irritations and now it’s Sunday and the second day of the Tipton Canal and Community Festival. In theory, I can park opposite the pub on double yellow lines and use my blue disabled badge but will the police put no parking cones down like in previous years? I’ll just have to go and hope for the best. That will be another little irritation and end the week as it began.


I’m fairly liberal minded with a small ‘l’ and so I was disappointed with what I saw of the Liberal Democrat conference. People are calling them Tory-light, I tend to agree. They still haven’t got over being in a coalition with the Tories. Jo Swinson has delusions of grandeur and thinks she could be the next Prime Minister. She is a female version of Boris Johnson. The let’s give ‘em a pep talk and we’ll win this rugger match approach won’t work for Johnson and certainly won’t work for Swinson. Meanwhile, Tom Watson managed to avoid his own party stabbing him in the back. Perhaps I should say that party within a party, Momentum, stabbing him in the back. I think the moderates have finally recognised that it is a party within the party and a real threat. The Tories have a couple of their own too, the ERG led by Rees-Mogg and that other one that wants people to retire at 75 led by Duncan-Smith. What a state British politics is in. The only person to make sense now is Greta Thunberg and the sensible quote of the week was “listen to the science”. Autism is preferred over psychopathy.

That’s all for this week. I’ll be writing about photography on Tuesday and hopefully will have some photos from the canal festival to post! If you would like to subscribe just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or comment and enter it below. You can also follow me on Twitter for links to my latest posts or find them on my Facebook page.

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