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Thoughts on childish people #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. The United States has elected a new president but Donald Trump isn’t going quietly. He was an unsuitable person for the job but I think he was treated unfairly by the press. It is the job of a free press to hold politicians to account and question them. Trump saw the questioning as criticism and lashed out like a child. He was childish and his refusal to go quietly is childish too. The Republicans are already spreading rumours that Joe Biden has dementia. They should all grow up.



This week we went into lockdown once again and I have my doubts about whether people will take it seriously. A £10,000 fine for one idiot in Bilston who organised a large ‘birthday party’ was welcomed. They were selling illegal alcohol without a licence so I doubt if it was anyone’s birthday. House parties and raves are the trend in certain sections of the community and they need to be stopped.


Some movements grow and appear to come from nowhere. The QAnon movement has come from nowhere and seems to spread dangerous messages, the Black Lives Matter movement came from one single event that activists ceased on and amplified into a global movement. The Momentum movement that supported Jeremy Corbyn was another poisonous movement that sprang from nowhere and made the Labour Party unelectable. Trump’s America-first message was poison and brought out the worst in right-wing America. The Momentum movement pushed anti-capitalist and anti-Semitic messages within the Labour Party. There are always poisonous messages and beliefs. QAnon seems to be pushing toxic messages of defiance against the covid restrictions and encouraging people to defy the law. These movements are followed by people like Trump, people who never grew up and don’t understand responsibility and compassion. These people are childish.


Anyway, enough of those childish people and their tantrums! Time for adult comment and opinion. I wonder if the weather will improve today? I do like to take a few photos and go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon. I think I can choose any day now though, I expect the roads will be quieter all through the week. I often wonder where people are going when I get stuck in traffic jams. I think many of them are just going shopping for something to do. Why can’t they stop home and watch TV or walk around the park? Maybe it’s because daytime TV is rubbish and parks aren’t as safe as they used to be? Online shopping is helping to reduce the traffic on the roads to some extent but you can’t get a haircut online!


It is usually our remembrance day parade today and that has been cancelled because of covid. I am sure Christmas will be more or less cancelled too. Will people obey the regulations and stay at home with their families at Christmas? I know mental health problems will make tensions in some households rise to boiling point if they can’t go out to the pub and have to stay together. Domestic violence and abuse could reach a peak in December and there should be help available for those who need sanctuary.

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