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Thoughts on digital photography


I went out yesterday and took some photos. I am admin of our history group on Facebook and so I post a lot of old photos, some taken in Victorian times. I have to admire the skill of those photographers.

It was much more difficult for them, they had to do long exposures and anything that moved would cause the photo to be blurred. Even in the 20th century there was far more skill in taking a photograph than today, just choosing the right film would be difficult.


This photograph is the same one I started with today, but I cropped the photo to zoom in on this small building. It’s easy to crop with a computer and my digital camera takes huge pictures –  6000 by 4000 pixels.


This shot may not look anything special, but I used ‘spot’ focusing to bring the text on the window into sharp focus, while the buildings outside are out of focus.


It was sunny yesterday, so I could use a narrow aperture and a fast shutter speed for this shot of a moving tram. In the old days they would have had to wait for the tram to stop and ask any people around to pose, very still.


This shot is quite clever. If you look in the centre of the image, you can see some faint blurred lines. That is the fence, I focused on the tram and the fence between me and the tram became blurred and most of it has simply disappeared.

That’s my thoughts on digital photography. I hope you liked the pictures. You can follow this blog using the widget at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter. Incidentally, a lot of old photos were taken from someone’s bedroom and in the mid 20th century often from high rise flats. Those were the aerial shots before they started using helicopters and high tech drones.

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