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Three skills to depend on #ramble

It’s Sunday morning again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. What am I good at? I do writing, photography and social media. These are my three skills. I used one social media channel to support local councillors who are up for re-election next month today. I’ll get some criticism for that but we have to resist the forces of hate and extremism. I try to do what is right and I pointed out that a couple of local councillors do a lot of good volunteer work. There is a division between them though so maybe after this election they can forget past problems and see what they have in common.

three skills

A journey through colours

I went to the launch of Ranbir Kaur’s exhibition at Wednesbury art galley this week. I felt a little out-of-place when I walked in but quickly adjusted. I find the Sikh community quite friendly. I was more concerned with my bad leg which was quite painful after the walk up the stairs! I was reminded of a conversation with a councillor on a previous visit to the art gallery when we discussed getting publicity and the councillor said my story wasn’t ‘sexy enough’. I didn’t think this art exhibition was ‘sexy enough’ to get into the local newspaper either. I publicised it a little through social media. Sometimes, you have to target your publicity on those most likely to be interested.

Photography competition

I’ve been accepting entries for the Sandwell Pride of Place photography competition and advising the entrants. There were minor problems this week as one entry wasn’t eligible and some entries were lost on the Hotmail server. It is attracting some interesting entries, though. The closing date for that is the 26th of April. Most of the entries so far have been narrow aperture landscapes. I think a wide aperture shot could be the winner!

Three skills

Anyway, these are my three skills, writing, photography and social media. We all need to be good at something. I must admit I’m still trying to improve all three skills. My writing needs to improve because I keep making mistakes and missing out commas, my photography needs to improve and I need to get used to my new camera and my social media skills definitely need to improve. I’m quite good at engagement on Facebook but I need to up my game on Twitter and Instagram. I need to get back into posting my pictures to Pinterest too. I am reaching the people I need to reach so I’m not too worried. I am looking forward to summer when my photography should improve with improving light.


I nearly forgot the highlight of my week. My visit to the hospital and my long and painful walk to see the surgeon. I need to have an MRI scan but it seems unlikely that I’ll need surgery which is a good thing. I already have my next appointment to see him but not my appointment for the MRI. I think I’ll be phoning the hospital and juggling appointments before long.

That’s it for this week’s ramble. It’s a bit mixed up – so much going on in my head! If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Links can also be found on my Facebook page.

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