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Thrifty and frugal ideas #thrifty

As usual, I have had another week of trying to save money with thrifty and frugal ideas. I’m actually looking for another car. I have looked after mine but it is 20 years old this year and even I can’t make them last forever. It has a very slight oil leak but the main reason it has to go is it has started to corrode. It has virtually new brake pads and tyres and so I’ll hate to part with it. What a waste!

Thrifty and frugal ideas

Tee shirts

I’ve worn my ‘stay like new’ tee shirts from Tesco a couple of times and they are still like new and you don’t have to iron them; not that I ever iron tee shirts! They are good value for £5 but even better value if you buy 2 for £8.


As usual, I shopped at Aldi this week after shopping at Asda last week and so noticed price differences. It can be difficult comparing like for like but many items seemed cheaper. I admit the chicken I had was smaller but that suits me because I live alone and I saved money. The packs of gluten-free sausages are cheaper and I think the Aldi ones are nicer and have more pork content. I can’t get everything I need at Aldi but it is getting better. I got gluten-free corn flakes this week but I have to go to Asda for my free-from chocolate!

Chicken Stew

I also bought 5 chicken legs for 1.99 and used two of those to make my chicken stew. It is easy to make and will provide me with a couple of cheap meals.

frugal chicken stew

Just put the legs into a large saucepan and half fill with water. Then season and cook until the chicken is tender. Remove the chicken from the bones and return to the saucepan then add your herbs and vegetables. I used a Knorr stock pot to add flavour and some fresh basil. The chopped vegetables were celery, white cabbage, onion and parsnip. I had some frozen mixed veg and so added some of that for a little more colour. I simmered that for about an hour.


I have the Autotrader app on my phone and so I’m using that to look for a car. I noticed that the cars on the website were slightly different to the app. I checked them out on my laptop and there was one more car that the app didn’t show. That was the car I was most interested in! It was 7 years old though and I hope to get one a little bit newer than that. The price was quite good for the year and it had a 15-month warranty.

Thrifty and Frugal

That’s it for this week. Did you bag a few bargains? You can comment below and if you would like to subscribe just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also links and more on my Facebook page. There will be more thrifty and frugal ideas next week.

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