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Thrifty and frugal on a budget #thrifty

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I live north of Birmingham in the Black Country. If you want a takeaway here, you can choose from pizza, American fast food, Balti, Indian, Chinese, fish and chips and most other food types. There are also restaurants, as well as takeaways. Why?

I think the reason for this proliferation of food businesses is people can’t cook their own food. Maybe it’s time to bring back domestic science as a subject in schools. While they are spending their money on takeaway food at least they aren’t spending so much on imported junk and it keeps people in work. The people who live on takeaway food and sandwiches from Greggs are eating junk and will never have money saved.  Making you own sandwiches and learning to cook can save you some serious money!

First we need to shop around for the food to cook!

This week’s super-six at Aldi are chestnut mushrooms (250g), salad tomatoes (6) (great for those summer salads), mangetout (150g), cherries (200g), Romaine lettuce (2) (great for salads too) and peaches (4/5). They are all 59p each and the offers last until the 15th July.

I had some ham this week for salads, there is a big selection. I like ham and prawns and although the prawns are a little expensive, the fresh ones are nice with the ham. A ham salad with a few prawns costs less than a pound, so that’s OK. The weather is hot now, so I cooked a whole pack of chicken drumsticks yesterday, so I can have chicken salads too. The eggs are cheap in Aldi and eggs with chips and peas is a decent meal.  10 large eggs is 80p in Aldi. I check how much I’ve spent on items that have VAT added too, cut those items down if you want to save money. I had beer and crisps on my last bill!

The top special buy at Aldi today is a bread maker. I don’t usually eat bread, unless it’s gluten free. I don’t think it would be worth me buying one to make gluten free bread. The other special buys are related to cooking and the kitchen too. Check those out if you’re into jam making. The ice cream maker could be popular this weather too.

The Sunday special buys are work-wear and tools. There are some single switches and sockets, including one for a TV aerial. Only replace mains switches and sockets if you know what you’re doing, it’s better to ask an electrician.

We have a heat wave in Britain for anyone who didn’t notice and so I’ve been sorting out light coloured tee shirts. The lighter colour reflects the sun and so they are cooler. I’m also having plenty to drink and using things from my freezer. You can make ice cubes, either plain or flavour them for the kids. Don’t give the kids a lot of fizzy drinks or very cold drinks. A vitamin rich drink made with something like High Juice with a flavoured ice cube dropped in it will be healthy and cheap. We have to be thrifty and frugal all through summer!

I have flowers on my runner beans already, so I hope I’ll have fresh veggies in a week or two.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be writing about investments tomorrow. You can follow this blog using the widget in the sidebar or follow me on Twitter.

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