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Thrifty but not mean #thrifty

It’s one thing to be thrifty and look for value for money, it’s quite another to be mean and save at the expense of other people. Being mean is not caring about others, not giving to charity and thinking it’s every man for himself. We can be thrifty, look for value for money and be generous too.

Collective responsibility

We have a collective responsibility for each other and if we are thrifty and careful with money, it is easier to be charitable when we need to be. The government needs to be more thrifty with fewer champagne soirees and a more generous attitude towards people less fortunate.


Many people are shopping around and looking at the discounters to save money. Stores like Aldi, Lidl, B & M, Matalan and Poundland are seeing an increase in trade at the expense of Sainsbury’s and Tesco. People are now quite proud of the fact they are in control of their finances while some silly people are still swanning around the discounters carrying their Harrods bag looking embarrassed and pretending they didn’t have time to go somewhere more upmarket.


The Aldi super-six this week are chestnut mushrooms, mangetout, Braeburn apples, oranges, grapes snack pack and onions (1 kg). They are all 59p.

The special buys are now ‘events’ and today is the baby event and so it’s all products for babies. I think most of the prices are quite good, but check online and compare before going to the store.

On Sunday, it’s the Valentine’s Day event with cards for just 69p.

The Pancake event is on Thursday the 4th of February.   Make sure it’s value for money before you buy and ask the question; do I really need it?

French fries

I like the frozen French fries from Aldi. They cook great in my air fryer and they are just 75p for a kilo. I compared those with the McCain ones at Asda which are 1.43 a kilo. That is a big price difference,  nearly double for McCain. I like McCain chips but I doubt if the French fries taste any better. They do have a bigger choice in Asda, as do Tesco. Is it worth the extra cash, though?


I took a look at the Matalan website. It didn’t inspire me to go and shop. I did check the quality of knitwear this week. One fashionable shop is Blue Inc. Are their clothes better quality than Matalan? The answer is a simple no, they are made in the same low-wage countries, but with even less quality control. I’ve never really had a problem with clothes from Matalan. Asda is quite good for clothes with their George range too, but they are not very fashionable.

Remember too, to shop around for those larger items. Restored furniture is in vogue now and likely to last a lot longer than cheap modern furniture. For electronics check out places that ship directly from Hong Kong like Expedite electronics. I’ve had a couple of lenses for my camera from there and saved quite a lot. The Nikon D3300 is 246.18 which is a £200 saving on the list price. It’s a good camera too. You will probably get the D3200 even cheaper. That’s the one I use.

Don’t forget, if you have saved some money by being thrifty to be charitable too, but again look for value for money. You might find local charities are better value than national charities, spending money raised on caring for people, rather than advertising and posh offices.

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