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Thrifty Halloween #thrifty

As usual I’m searching for bargains, but often you know which shop to go to, but the item you want is out of stock. Many shops buy in stock at a discount and when it’s gone either don’t restock, can’t restock  or are slow to restock because they have to negotiate a discount on new stock.

Major supermarkets have been looking at what they stock and what sells and has a good margin. As a result, supermarket chains like Tesco are cutting the value products and going up-market. This will force people to buy more expensive products in places where there is only Tesco and little competition. Where there are Tesco and Aldi, people will be considering switching to Aldi. Aldi is already considered to be down-market compared to Tesco, the difference is likely to be even greater in the future. I think the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s will have to improve staff training and service to remain competitive if their pricing isn’t so competitive.


The super-six at Aldi have changed today. They are fun-size apples, asparagus (170g), kale (200g), plums (400g), butternut squash and chestnut mushrooms (200g). They are all 59p and the offer lasts until the 4th of November.

The meat offers include British stir fry pork (500g) for 1.99. The South African Ostrich Steaks in Marrakesh Sauce (300g) are 4.99.


If you have a Matalan card you receive offers by email. I had an email this morning with money off vouchers. I check the Matalan app on my phone and I have the discount vouchers there (as barcodes). Get the barcode upon you phone as you approach the checkout to get you discount. The discounts are £5 on £25, £10 on £50 and £15 on  order £75 or over. Those are valid until the 3rd of November.

The special buys at Aldi today are all related to cooking or cars. The petrol driven get washer looks very professional for 199.99. I might take a look at the slow cooker for 16.99.

The special buys on Sunday include lots of tools. The top one is a table saw and there is even an electric file for 29.99. The arc welder looks like a bargain at 39.99.


All the supermarkets have stock in for Halloween. I saw pumpkins in Aldi this week. If you are carving pumpkins be careful lighting them up. I have an LED lantern and those would be safer than tea lights of candles. There are a lot of other Halloween products but consider making your own.

I like the chocolate and (s)lime  cakes from Mr Kipling at Tesco for £1.00.

You can do your own horrors with a cheap bottle of ketchup and a little ingenuity!

Tangerines are in stores now and they can be made to look like Halloween pumpkins with a felt tip pen or marker.


I found a good Halloween decoration at Amazon for £3.14, but you might be able to steal the idea and make your own decorations. If you are buying decorations, don’t forget to store them away for next year!

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