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Thrifty Ideas for Thursday

The Aldi super-six this week are chantenay carrots (500g), white cabbage, little gem lettuce (2), spring onions, lemons (3) and celery. They are all 49p each. If you’re making a winter soup or stew you can add the carrots, white cabbage or the celery. White cabbage and celery give a stew a nice flavour.

The base for your stew could be chicken or turkey mince, if you want it to be quite frugal. This week I’ve been testing chicken to see if there is a difference between fresh chicken from Aldi and frozen.  I can’t taste a difference, but the texture seems to be different. The texture of the fresh chicken seems better. The fresh chicken works out to about 2.65 a kilo. The frozen chicken, thighs and drumsticks are 1.69 a kilo, quite a saving. I think frozen chicken is good for a soup or stew.

The Thursday special buys at Aldi for today are mostly baby things but are worth looking at. On Sunday the offers are mainly tools and bed linen.

If you spend over £150 in a year in Matalan, they send you a ‘black’ membership card and then offers a few times a year. They have sent me a voucher for 10% off. It’s also worth looking at the Matalan sale.

There are a few bargains on electricals at Curry’s too. They are listed as stock clearance though and so could be the ‘last few’.

It seems on our High Streets there are more pay day loan companies and pawn brokers opening up. The Gross National product of the country is the amount of money you and I spend combined with what the government spends. The government is spending less and so are we so the GDP is shrinking; the country is in recession. The government is refusing to borrow more so they can spend more and that seems sensible until you realise that they will get in less in tax and that will mean even more cuts. It is sensible for us to cut spending rather than borrow too, but if you’re in business and it looks like going bust, then maybe borrowing is your only option. It seems like things will get worse before they get better and so keep shopping around and saving money.

It’s worth looking at you fuel costs now too. You might find it less expensive to do your ‘top up’ shopping in local shops that are close enough to walk to, because you’ll save on petrol. Some local shops aren’t too expensive, shops like Tesco local and Nisa might be worth using sometimes. You can also stock upon frozen vegetables instead of doing top up shopping mid-week for fresh vegetables. Frozen garden peas at about £1 a kilogram is quite a thrifty thing to buy.

They have British chickens at Asda this week 1.7 Kg for £5. A British chicken from Aldi 1.65 Kg, is £3.89; they probably come from the same farms. Why does the Aldi one weigh 50 grams less? Who knows? The Tesco British chicken is £5.10 for a 1.7Kg chicken. Tesco like to add a little extra DNA; every little helps…

Don’t forget some of the Asian supermarket have good bargain now too, they are worth considering if travel to a discount supermarket is to expensive. You can also look at buying direct from farms and farmer’s markets if you’re out in the countryside.

Have you seen a good bargain this week? Please comment and share your thoughts.

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