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Egg, Chips and Peas

Egg ‘n’ Chips

The price of eggs has gone up in Asda (Wal-Mart) and so I’ve had to buy them from Aldi; still the same price and they are all the same size unlike the Asda eggs that were all different. Every time I mention eggs someone says, “We have free range.” I feel like being facetious and asking if they have double yolks, which of course they do.  Then I can suggest all the eggs have double yolks from the farm next to the nuclear power station; all 4 legged chicken eggs have double yolks! I stay quiet, safe in the knowledge that my eggs have the lion mark and have been immunised against salmonella.


On the subject of chicken, I got some thighs and drumsticks for 1.99 a kilo; I also got a stew pack of vegetables and so I think I’ll make chicken stew this afternoon. I use 4 or 5 thighs and cook those; remove the bones then add chopped carrots, parsnips, swede and onions. I add seasoning, basil and herbs d’Provence and cook for at least an hour. For about two pounds you make at least a couple of meals.

I prefer in season fruit and vegetables but the apples I bought taste like cardboard; fortunately the grapes are delicious. You do have to resort to frozen and canned food sometime. I like frozen peas, they are the one vegetable that freezes well and the price remains reasonably stable. I had frozen cod this week too. Canned vegetables vary but I like salmon out of a tin and sardines make a good salad. Prawns are expensive but worth it for a gourmet salad. You can add salmon to the prawns and iceberg lettuce. You can save quite a lot by shopping around, Aldi and Lidl are good and there are a few bargains in the larger supermarkets. Don’t forget to look for bargains on traditional outdoors markets and farmers markets too. The Asian food shops often have things like rice, onions and a wide range of spices at bargain prices. It’s getting very poetic in this blog with rice, spices and prices!

Flash Drive

If you need a USB flash drive, Maplin have 8 Gb drives for £5.99. They can be useful for backups if you only want to back up your photos of music and my TV records to a flash drive and that’s quite useful. I don’t record a lot but I do use time shift.


I have a new website now and it’s A Zillion Ideas and so I have started a Pinterest to go with it! You can check that out and look at my pictures, to see favourite places, food and what I’m thinking of buying online. I have been looking at Matalan this week.  You can double click the pictures on Pinterest to go to the websites that the pictures are taken from.

I bought some more shares on the London Stock Exchange yesterday and  will be writing an investment blog as a result. I shall do that soon, probably tomorrow. I bought Royal Bank of Scotland!

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