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Thrifty shopping for Christmas #thrifty

Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping and already have most of my Christmas presents. It is thrifty shopping as usual and I will be buying some alcoholic drinks in for Christmas. Aldi is great for wine and spirits and my local Asian supermarket does 24 cans of the beer that I will drink through the Christmas period for just 19.99. Thrifty shopping means shopping around!

Thrifty shopping

Special Buys

It is worth checking out the special buys at Aldi and check their website too. I had a quilted throw for my bed that has been great. Last night it was freezing and  I was nice and warm in bed. My house does stay quite warm after the heating has gone off, though.

Christmas Food

I want a turkey this Christmas, despite living on my own. Aldi will have fresh turkeys the Tuesday before Christmas so I hope to get one then. I’m not too fussy, though and so I will have chicken and maybe some duck in the freezer just in case I miss out on the turkey! I’ll be doing a buffet and I like to do something different. I have an air-fryer and Aldi’s French fries cook really quickly in the air-fryer, so I will get some of those. The prawn rings are quite popular as well and I have one of those in my freezer. Aldi jellies are great but a bit short on flavour so add a bit of fruit juice to them instead of water. I’ll make a jelly and use it to make a trifle of some kind. I did make some in the summer and they were delicious and popular too. Aldi luxury mince pies are always voted the best in taste tests and they also have a good selection of chocolates in Aldi so I’ll get some liquors. I’m not being too thrifty this Christmas, I won’t deprive my guests by any means! My aim is to get value for money.

Thrifty shopping

Thrifty shopping is about checking every source of the goods you need and getting good value. I’ll shop at lot at the discounters but I’ll also buy a few things in Asda and Tesco. I bought dairy-free chocolate and gluten-free jammy dodgers in Asda. I’ve been checking out all the offers on Amazon and eBay and I did buy one Christmas present from Amazon which saved me £22 because it was on offer. Thinking well ahead can save you money. I even consider the best time to put petrol in my car. I tend to go out and take some photos on Christmas day because it is so quiet on the roads. If we get a bit of snow, I’ll get great pictures! So I’ll make sure I have plenty of petrol in my car.

My thrifty shopping is about timing so I will have enough food to last me a week after Christmas day and I won’t need to shop again until the new year. I can watch out for post-Christmas bargains then and have the time to go and find them. I have some apps on my phone and it is worth checking the app for bargains in the days that follow Christmas. The Matalan app for example frequently gives me a 20% discount and are sure to give me a discount voucher for my birthday.

That’s it for this week, tomorrow will be my finance post and it is a special one this week. If you would like to receive an email when I post just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links on my Facebook page.

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