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Thrifty thinking 2013

This article was originally posted on on 3rd of January 2013.

I think we will all have to think thrifty in 2013 with most governments cutting budgets and people generally worse off. At Aldi this week the super-six are spring onions (125g), salad potatoes (750g), celery (350g), cucumber, cherry tomatoes (250g) and little gem lettuce (2). They are all 49p each. I think I’ll have the celery.

The Thursday special buys include lots of weightwatchers  foods and kettle bells to exercise with. You might be better off with a couple of cans of baked beans than the kettle bells, much cheaper and if you lift them above your head 100 times a day, it will have a similar effect!

I’ll make some winter warming soup with some of that celery and a couple of chicken legs. That’s easy to make and if you use some fresh basil is delicious. It’s much nicer and cheaper than buying ready made soup. If you put potato on it will make it thicker and a chopped onion adds a lot of flavour.

Aldi also has lots of meat bargains, the bumper pack of chicken thighs and drumsticks for 2.99 is good. You can make that soup with the turkey mince  (1.75) or the pork mince (1.49). There is also lamb mince that you could use for a shepherd’s pie, but I didn’t like the lamb mince very much.

There are more sales on now. I have seen sales at Curry’s, B&Q and Argos. You have to be careful and shop around. The Phillips air-fryer I bought in December is twice the price in Argos compared to Curry’s. I was interested in a camera and I found the cheapest was Jessops. It was on offer with cash-back from Nikon, which is a nuisance because you have to claim it online and provide proof of purchase. I suppose you have to photograph your receipt! It would be better if Nikon just dropped the price. There are a lot of bargains on compact cameras. I’ve seen some for less than £50 which is quite good.

If you’re trying to lose weight after Christmas, Aldi have Weightwatchers products and so do Poundland. Poundland have medicines for those winter coughs and colds too. Try to get antiseptic hand washes to stop germs like the norovirus from spreading. You also need more vitamins in winter to protect yourself against infections in winter. Look for blackcurrant and orange juice when you’re in Aldi.

It seems train fares will be going up and we have higher energy prices so try to save some money by shopping around. Try to save some money and invest for the future. The economic news yesterday was sending stock markets up, but today it seems we are back to doom and gloom. We could have a way to go before the economy picks up. I think it will take governments to start building homes and not weapons.

If you’ve spotted a bargain, please comment and share with other readers.

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