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The super-six at Aldi this week are; parsnips (500g), avocado, new potatoes (750g), button mushrooms (150g), red onions (1kg) and butternut squash. They are all 49p each. It’s cold here and it’s a good idea to cook a home made soup or stew to keep out the cold. We need a little more fat in our diets, this weather.

I made some stew with chicken, parsnips, onions, celery, herbs de Provence and fresh basil last week; it was delicious. I froze half the veggies and so I have enough to make more this week. The Thursday special buys at Aldi have a Scottish flavour this week, the even have haggis! They have Oust air freshener  for 99p. I need some of that, I emptied one today. That’s a penny cheaper than Asda’s rollback too!

In the news is a story about horse meat in beef burgers. No wonder everyone has long faces! The Tesco ones are the worse at 29%. The Aldi ones was only 0.3%, hardly enough to give you the galloping trots!

I’ve had turkey mince from Aldi for the past two weeks. I cooked some with a chopped onion in a saucepan, I just poured boiling water over and added a Bovril cube. Then after the meat had cooked added frozen veggies. It was easy to cook, cheap and tasted delicious. A pack of that for £1.75 will do a meal for 3 or 4 people.  That turkey mince is 450g and a pack the same size in Asda is £2.22.

Sunday’s special buys at Aldi includes decorating and some stationary. I don’t like the calculators. I gave mine away, you have to mess around removing tiny screws to change the battery; it’s poor quality too.

I still haven’t bought myself a new coat. It seems parkas might be making a come back and so I might look at them in Matalan.

The discovery of horse meat in some products knocked £300 million off Tesco’s shares yesterday afternoon. Reputation is important to both companies and individuals. The jokes that followed that disclosure about horse meat both on Facebook and on Twitter were hilarious and the story wasn’t going to die quickly.

I think this was one of the best, unless you know better…

I almost couldn’t decided whether to buy the top brand burgers or Tesco’s finest burgers.. In the end Tesco’s finest won by a length and a half.

Smile with tongue out

We have to be careful these days. We have a online reputation too and need to be careful what we post online. Social media like Facebook can be helpful, but it can also be damaging. Even prospective employers are checking people out using social media now. Many people now have an online persona that is communicated through blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It can help you get a job or ruin you chances.  Please share your views by making a comment…


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