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Thrifty Thursday | more bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are plums (400g), fun-sized apples (9), kiwi fruit (8), cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), red onions (1kg) and sweet potatoes (750g). They are all 69p each. I’ve never tried sweet potatoes…

I’m having trouble with a salivary gland at the moment or I would be tempted by the kiwi fruit, they’re packed full of vitamins.

I bought a couple of cans sardinella at 34p each, last week in Aldi. They are like sardines, but a little different. There didn’t seem quite as many in the can and the tomato sauce seemed more oily, but they are good for 34p. The sardines have gone up to 44p.

Most of today’s special buys are decorating stuff. There is a multi purpose ladder too. I bought a ladder like that last year, to pick my apples, then it was a terrible year for apples! The special buys for Sunday aren’t anything to get excited about, but the garden chair looks good for 29.99.

I had a look at the men’s wear in the sale at Matalan, it’s mostly chinos and shirts. The seasons are changing and so it’s worth looking as they put the winter stuff in the sale and add new spring and summer fashions.

The same thing applies to George at Asda. I must go there and get me some new slippers, they’re half price at a fiver. I need some new jumpers for the winter and they have a few for £8 each.

I think Amazon can be expensive, but I still haven’t bought a new coat. I would prefer to buy a coat in store so I can try it on and check the quality. If I’m really desperate I might have one from Amazon.

Quality isn’t assured by buying a famous name. I looked at some coats with a well known name and they were very poor material and badly made. When you buy clothes make sure they fit right, that can be a problem if they haven’t been cut right. Then look at the material. It can be thin and flimsy, but that can be OK; modern materials are very strong. I have compared things like cotton tee shirts and some are much thinner than others and wear out more quickly. If you compare tee shirts from Asda with Matalan, the Asda ones are better quality. Finally, always look at the workmanship, the actual stitching. I have seen some stitching that is coming undone or isn’t straight; look closely before you buy.

Eating out is so expensive now with 20% VAT added. Ordinary families can’t have a treat these days, even fish and chips is a luxury. You can have a treat when the weather is better by going to the park or a nature reserve and taking a picnic. You can get a kilo of chicken drumsticks for about £2.65. If you cook those when you’re doing dinner and then put a mixed salad with them you should be able to do a nice picnic for a family for less than a fiver. Barbecues might be popular with those who like to invite all their friends around and show off; but a family picnic is a lot cheaper and more enjoyable. Do you have any picnic ideas?

I shall probably be taking photos at a nature reserve on Sunday afternoon, maybe I’ll take a Tupperware box full of food with me! Please share your thought with a comment…

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