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Thrifty Thursday | seeking out the bargains

This weeks super-six at Aldi are Kiwis (6), peaches (4/5), Galia melon, Romaine lettuce (2), tomatoes (6) and new potatoes (750g). They are all 69p each. The peaches from Aldi are delicious. I had 400g of grapes last week, that’s smaller pack but cheaper! Lots of packs are getting smaller these days…

The Thursday special buys for today include a generator and some LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs can save you some money off your electric bill, but the Aldi I use only seems to have ES bulbs. I’ll check again and see if they have any bayonet cap bulbs this week.

Sunday’s special buys appear to be all things for cyclists. Lots of things to keep the rain out!

Poundland have lots of tinned food including Ye Olde Oak ham. It tastes nice, but you really don’t want to know what goes in it these days. I wish I hadn’t read the ingredients! C’est la vie…

I go to Poundland for pens and stationery. They have cheap photo frames too.

I checked what I’ve been spending money on over the past three years. The big price rises have been on essentials like water, food and energy. My car insurance went up a lot too. It’s more important than ever to be thrifty and frugal.

Don’t waste money paying interest to the banks and avoid bank charges. Here are a few more ideas:

Don’t waste petrol driving too fast.

Don’t travel farther than you need to.

Turn heating off or down when you go out.

Don’t waste food.

Walk short distances instead of driving.

Think about growing fruit and veg in the garden.

Eat in more rather than eat out.

Invest and add a little to your income.

Take up a  money saving hobby or interest.

Use suitable curtains to conserve heat in winter and to provide shade in summer.

Do you have a thrifty or frugal idea? Please share you thoughts in the comments box. You can also subscribe or follow me on Twitter.

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