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Thrifty Thursday | Spotting the bargains

The Aldi Super-six this week are garlic (3), cucumber,  mango, pineapple, kiwi fruit (8) and chestnut mushrooms (250g). They are all 59p each. Those continue until Saturday the 23rd of February. The quick and easy recipes on the Aldi website are worth checking out. Today’s offers include gardening supplies and with just 30 days to Spring, now is the time to think about growing some veggies.

We have to keep shopping around and shopping for bargains, but we can become less dependant on big companies too. You can cut down on things you don’t need and grow some fruit and vegetables in summer to cut your food bill. The economic situation in the UK appears to be getting worse so most people need to be thrifty. The seed potatoes, fruit trees and other gardening stuff is in Aldi now.It’s worth considering growing something through the Spring/Summer season. I saw they had fleece too for warming the soil, that will help your potatoes get started. There is a shortage of potatoes now and new potatoes are always expensive in Spring.

Think about preparing your garden this month. You can also save meat trays to use as seed trays to start of seeds either in a mini greenhouse or on windowsills.

The only things that interested me at Lidl was a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.  That seemed quite powerful for the price (£34.99). You could also consider the hair and beard trimmer for £9.99. A family could save quite a lot these days on haircuts by doing it yourself. It’s not exactly rocket science is it? Be careful on your first attempts though!

Matalan has new stock in for the Spring and Summer season and so they are putting some of the winter stock into the sale. It’s always worth buying out of season, unless you really want the latest fashions and are prepared to pay extra for them.  Students with an NUS card can get 10% off at Matalan, just show a photo ID and a Matalan reward card.

As the seasons change online retailers like Amazon have daily deals too. I did spot this folding bike at Amazon, that might save you a few pounds if you cycled to work instead of walking. There is also a folding mountain bike with 26 inch wheels. They both have a steel frame, aluminium is better, but the price is reasonable. It does have 6 gears too, which will make the hills and inclines a little easier. It’s worth considering a folding bike, if you have the option of driving part of the way and then cycling the rest to save on parking charges. You might even be able to cycle to and from the train station.

Have you spotted any bargains this week? Please comment and share your thoughts…

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