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Through the lens flash photography #photography

Through the lens metering to control the flash isn’t always accurate but is usually better than manually setting the flash. I have had problems with flash photography and I realised there were several problems. The first is the flash bouncing off the wrong things. When I’m photographing people the flash can bounce directly off their faces and that doesn’t look good. One thing I can do to prevent that is to bounce the flash off the ceiling or a wall and that gives a softer light and then flash can even be set manually.

 through the lens


I’m sure I’ll be photographing Santa again this year and the white beard will reflect a lot of the light from the flash. I’ll be using a full frame camera this year. So I might avoid using the flash altogether at some events.  I think bouncing the flash off the ceiling will be an option I’ll use more.  I don’t think I’ll need to point the flash directly at the subject.

Shutter speed

My other problem was related to shutter speed when using a flash. I usually shoot on aperture priority but I have found that with the Nikon D750 that limits my shutter speed to 1/60 of a second. Things can move quite quickly and the camera can shake too. I prefer a minimum shutter speed of 1/100 of a second. I tried some test shots shooting with the camera set on manual and setting faster shutter speeds and I got excellent results. The TTL system controlled the intensity of the flash well. I did find that if the flash is pointed directly at the subject then the light bounced towards the camera. That is still a problem if I’m close to the subject. The flash doesn’t work so well if I’m too far from the subject either.

Through the lens

The flash actually goes off twice, the first time for the metering (through the lens) and the second time for the exposure.  It appears to be one flash but there are actually two flashes. It is a good idea to have the AF focus assist light turned on too. I will actually try using the flash with it set on TTL (though the lens) for fill light when I shoot snow scenes this winter. Snow can appear to be grey in the photos but because it reflects so much light. The flash can illuminate quite a large scene and give a different effect. That should give me some winter photography pictures that look a little different.

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