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Time for permanent changes? #covid-19

I’m not the only one thinking that maybe this Covid-19 pandemic should bring about some permanent changes to the way we live. There is a lot of chatter about electric cars being the future but is that practical? The roads are congested now and the skies have become quite congested by air travel. Do people really need cars? Obviously, people with disabilities do but the able-bodied could use public transport. Public transport would need to change a lot to persuade people to use it, however. If public transport was very cheap or even free and motoring was expensive would more people use public transport? Elderly people who own cars often take the bus because it’s free using their bus pass and it takes them close to the shopping centre without the problem of parking.

time for permanent changes?

Air travel

This may be the jet age but air travel causes pollution and contributes to climate change. Is it time for a change? Should air travel be more heavily taxed so that overseas business travel and holidays are more expensive? What would business travellers do? Perhaps they would make much better use of technology? Increased demand would drive technological innovation and drive things like video conferencing and virtual meetings. It wouldn’t stop international business and because international trade teams would spend less time travelling and more time doing business, the trade would improve.

Time for permanent changes?

Is it time for permanent changes to tackle the spread of Covid-19 initially and then reduce global pollution in the long term? Even HS2 might be a viable project if there was a shift from air travel and motor car use. Of course, HS2 assumes that London will remain the centre of government administration of the nation’s affairs. However, people will waste time travelling into London and improved communications could mean people can work in the regional cities and at home. Are we learning anything during this epidemic about working from home? I’m typing this on a laptop sitting in my kitchen drinking tea. No, I didn’t stop for a tea break! I don’t stop working to drink tea. I think what I’m going to write next while I drink! Working at home can be very efficient and make the best use of our time.


The epidemic has forced change upon us. Can we learn from it and gain as a society? Can we embrace technology and learn to video conference and learn to communicate more by telephone? Is it time for permanent changes in our way of thinking? We are social animals, we need to talk to one another and we need contact with each other but we have done that in recent years by using social media. That does seem impersonal at times and we experience hostility. Can we devise a new way of using technology to interact that is practical and makes us feel good? Can we have an environment that is free of advertising, trolls and manipulation? Can we have social media that isn’t driven by profit and greed? Is it time for permanent changes?

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