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Time to ease lockdown? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Well, leaks from Downing Street lead me to believe that lockdown will be eased soon. According to the BBC, the vaccinations are leading to a fall in hospital admissions. There are still a lot of people in hospitals and the transmission rate is still relatively high, though.

time to ease lockdown?


As usual, I am also thinking about photography. It’s much warmer today so I’ll go out and get some exercise and take some photos at the same time. I need to look at the Conservation Zone and see if any work has started but they are still replacing the gas main close to the town centre so access is limited. I think I’ll opt for a nice walk somewhere green and pleasant.


There is a new study that suggests masks are more effective at protecting the wearer from Covid infection than was generally thought. Who knew? They also came to the conclusion that a fashionable “face covering” on top of a fluid-resistant surgical mask was more effective than the fashionable face-covering alone. I drove to Walsall Manor hospital last Sunday afternoon for my vaccination and I wore a disposable FFP2 mask. The nurses wore disposable surgical masks. Half the patients in the Manor have Covid and I did have to get quite close to people so I think I was cautious but not over-cautious. Staying safe means taking precautions both for my own protection and for the sake of others too. The incubation period is about 7 days and I feel OK so I didn’t catch covid!

Hi!street heritage action Zone

I’ve been trying to help the artists who are doing workshops as part of our cultural programme. I admit I don’t rate Wednesbury people as being that interested in anything culural. Their culture is one of booze and football with frequent pauses for a trip to the bookies. The women are slightly better. Hopefully, younger people will get interested in the workshops. They tend to be more influenced by cultural activities; at least some of them are. We will be reaching out to them in the youth clubs.

Time to ease lockdown?

Opening the pubs would be a disaster now. Some people don’t know how to behave when they’re sober. We do need some social interaction and it will soon be warm enough for people to meet up in gardens again. Maybe that could be allowed after the spring equinox? People should still wear masks when they can’t social distance. I think it is a good time to give people hope but the time to ease lockdown for most of us is next month, not now. I agree that people in care homes should be able to have a social bubble with a loved one though.


It maybe is time to ease lockdown a little but it is not time to ease caution. The vaccination has probably given me some protection against covid but it is a very nasty disease and so even a mild case of the disease for me would be horrible. I’ll stay cautious, better safe than sorry. A couple more months of restrictions won’t make much difference and even if I have to be careful until summer; so be it.

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