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Time to sell? #investments

time to sell post

The FTSE 100 reached a new high again this week and is slowly moving towards 7000. With many shares doing well, is it a time to sell? Most investors look to buy low and sell high and some prices seem high now.

Time to sell?

Well known companies are viewed as ‘safe harbours’ since the crash, but with so many investment funds buying them I wonder if they are really safe. They offer quite poor returns too. These highly capitalised companies look safe,  but are they really? The economy is still a little fragile. Time to sell the ‘safe’ ones?

I’m looking at all my investments to see if it is a good time to sell some. My top performer has been Lloyds Banking Group that I bought for 29.9 and that is 79.67 at the time of writing, so a good return. The government will sell a chunk of those this year, but it has already been selling and that hasn’t depressed the share price, in fact it appreciated about 10% in the past year. I’ve owned those for over 3 years now and it’s tempting to sell now. I think they still have potential though and could hit £1 this year.

Selling TSB would make for a more diverse portfolio, if I can find something to replace it with. There is political uncertainty though, so why replace it at all? I could sell and hang on to the cash for a month or so. It’s maybe time to sell.

There was more good news from Solo Oil this week regarding the discovery in the Weald basin. That’s the well at Horse Hill near Gatwick airport.  I think Solo Oil is undervalued now so I won’t be selling. I like the plans they have to keep reinvesting too, especially in Tanzania. That is a company transforming from a exploration company to a producer, so is a good long term investment. It’s not time to sell Solo Oil.

Tesco and Taylor Wimpey are seen as somewhat safe now, but is it time to sell? Taylor Wimpey has a way to go before I sell, but Tesco is still sorting itself out after the accounting problems. The view that it’s losing business to Aldi and Lidl is rubbish. They were losing business because of poor service. I think that’s being sorted out now, so maybe Tesco still has a way to go to. Time to sell? Maybe not.

That’s all for today, a shorter post because there is really nothing new to report. Maybe today’s eclipse signifies a new era of low oil prices, cheap petrol and economic growth? You can share your thoughts in the comments box or you can follow me on Twitter for updates.

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