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Tipton boat gathering


I drove to Tipton yesterday to photograph the boat gathering. As I drove, it poured with rain. Well, it is a bank holiday weekend. It was cloudy when I got there but the rain had stopped and so I wandered along the canal.

The Fountain

Narrowboats are colourful and so I can usual get interesting pictures and this was a good opportunity to try out my new 35mm prime lens. No zooming in but it is a lens that gives me quality. This picture of the boats and the Fountain pub in the background was just one of many I took. It was a shame there weren’t more people but when I am more relaxed I get better pictures. There is also a beer festival and so I decided to drop in the Fountain and test the beer. I didn’t get too adventurous but I can report the Banks’ mild was very good! I was thirsty though and enjoyed my quick half…


The canal splits into the old canal and the new canal near the Barge and Barrel and I saw a boat near the Factory locks as I went past so decided to go back that way and found a boat was going through the locks. That gave me even better pictures of scenic Tipton. I’ll use some of those for my photography post tomorrow. I’ll show you one of the boat leaving with its young crew having done all the work to get it through the factory locks.


It could be the English countryside couldn’t it? I think that leads to Coseley tunnel. I bet the young crew will have fun in there, especially the girl, with all those lads in the dark…

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