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Tipton Canal Festival #photography

I went to Tipton Canal Festival on Sunday and that was guaranteed to give me some multi-coloured shots as the brightly coloured narrowboats break up the dull canal scenes. It was quite a cloudy sky but the sun was breaking through at times. Mostly I was looking for shots where I could use a wide open aperture and zoom in on my subject. I used the 18 – 105mm lens to give me a little versatility when it came to zooming in.


Wide aperture

The wide aperture I used for this shot has brought the foreground into sharp focus with a blurred background. I used the vivid setting to bring out the bright colours of the narrowboats. Some of the pictures do seem a little too vivid and I tried to vary my editing from photo to photo giving some pictures less contrast.


At an event, you can’t always choose which direction you’re shooting in. I wanted shots of the crowds and this one, using a narrow aperture, also gave me a nice blue sky as a background.


There are lots of ‘characters’ on the narrowboats and wide aperture shots of them make for an interesting picture. I also managed to get the crowds in the background.


Black Country Flag

It seems I’m not the only one that tends to fly the Black Country flag upside down! The white bit in the middle represents a glass making kiln, I think, but it’s not immediately obvious. For this shot I made a judgement, the aperture wasn’t wide open but wide enough to get my subject reasonably sharp.


Scarbelly Blues Band

I managed a few shots of the Scarbelly Blues Band by shooting across the canal. I have photographed them before and I prefer wide aperture shots of individual band members. I shall see them again next week and will shoot some video using a 35mm prime lens!


Wide open aperture

Shots like this with a wide open aperture need just one focus point and you need to get that spot on. I think I missed slightly with this shot. My subject isn’t in as sharp focus as I intended.

Tipton Canal Festival

Tipton canal festival is every September and there is usually a boat gathering at Easter too and these are events that offer a lot of opportunities for unusual shots, both landscape and wide aperture shots of the boat owners as they pass by.


This shot is quite colourful and the aperture is quite wide to bring the foreground into focus with the background out of focus.

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