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To be a writer #writing #photography

I used to find it very easy to write and do the editing but this year I seem to be writing less and letting life get in the way and sometimes life seems to get on top of me. Some people struggle to write anything and you do need to be focused on your subject. Writing should flow easily and if you keep stopping to think about what to write then it can be a real chore. To be a writer can be difficult or it can be amazingly easy.  I am a photographer as well and that makes it easier. I can fill the space with a photograph.

to be a writer

To be a writer

It helps to have the right tools to do the job. I’m using Windows Live Writer on my trusty laptop which has bits of plastic falling off it but has a great keyboard which I can type fairly quickly on and I installed extra memory and an SSD so it’s a fairly quick computer.


Besides my desire to be a writer, I wanted to be a photographer so I could produce the content for my social media promotions and publicising. Again, you need the tools to do the job and although my Nikon D3200 isn’t state of the art, it does the job. I’m quite proud of the photo above which I have had printed as an art card and the art cards are selling! I had a 1,000 sets printed so I think I’ll be selling them for some time. If I eventually make a profit that money could go to financing other little art projects.

My projects and ambitions have become centred on improving the community, I would, for example, like to go into a youth club and allow some of the young people to take photos with a DSLR and encourage the others to pose for the photos. I think it would motivate the kids and give them more confidence in themselves.

To be a writer on the internet, you also have to learn about getting your words indexed on Google. That means keywords and posts of just the right length which I have just reached so that is all for today!

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