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To spark some kind of conversation #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thought with you once again. This week I went to a retirement home and took them an album of old photos to pass around. It’ll be a conversation piece and often that is what we need, something to spark a conversation. Even on social media, I post things to try to spark some kind of conversation.


Trying to spark some kind of conversation

This picture did spark some kind of conversation on Facebook. It provoked amusing comments. Did I use the JCB to deliver my album to the home? Maybe next time, they are getting heavier! I’ve already started another album but I think this one is an album that I will show to people. I want to spark some kind of conversation but I want to hear the conversation this time. It will be an interesting experiment to see which images work and which do not.


I’m still having trouble with my leg and my MRI appointment came yesterday. I’ll phone and accept it tomorrow. I doubt if the scan will show anything wrong but it might eliminate a few things.


We have an Eggstravaganza for Easter in the town square and the local food bank needs Easter Eggs to give to children in need. I am wondering if my bad leg will carry me far enough around Asda to get a couple of Easter eggs and my fruit and veg. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, a few pills inside me might help! I have to go to a meeting of the friends of the park group in the evening where we will be planning a park event in May. That too needs to be interactive and spark some kind of conversation too. I know my bad leg won’t take me far in the park it’s too much of an incline but I’ll try my best to make a contribution. People are bored with their humdrum lives, they want interactive experiences these days.


It’s sunny but cold this morning and so I’m planning on an afternoon of photography. I’ll try to get some shots to start a conversation that will inspire people to enter the photography competition. We have a few entries now and I think we’ll get more before the closing date. No one has entered a quirky picture yet and that could be the style of photograph that wins. Fortunately, I’m not one of the judges!

Anyway, I haven’t been posting so much on my blog. Maybe I’ll have some interesting experiences through spring and summer to write about. Just lately, life has been a bit boring so I cut down the posts.

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