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Todays challenge #64millionartists #ramble

Today’s #64millionartists challenge:

Find somewhere to sit where you feel comfortable (it can be your favourite place or a new environment). Sit there for 5 minutes and notice everything. Notice what’s around you… notice the colours, textures, sounds, smells. Just reflect for 5 minutes about the environment you’re in.

That’s an interesting challenge but these challenges are also about sharing. How can I share my surroundings? I think I have to become really creative today! todays challenge

Looking around

I’m constantly looking around looking for unusual things to photograph or familiar things in an unusual way. I think I’m going to take some photographs to complete my challenge.

Todays challenge

There is no reward for completing todays challenge except the satisfaction of creating something. There is an element of competition, we try to impress our peers with our creativity and so you have to make an effort. It is important to appreciate the efforts of the other participants too who will do some challenges much better than me and so I can learn from them. I think I’m going to find today’s challenge quite easy. I already have a few ideas.


I have to share my creative endeavour and on a Sunday morning, I usually share my thoughts with you. I have todays challenge on my mind but I’m also considering investing in my creative endeavours and buying a full frame camera. I try to take a professional approach to my photography but a full frame professional camera would take me to another level. It is expensive, though. I have to accept the challenge of trying to pay for it!


I am going to be taking art much more seriously and I’ll try to get a photograph printed that is suitable for exhibiting in the spring. It will be an achievement if I can get it exhibited in the art gallery and it could be a springboard to something else. I have several options in mind. I always diversify!

It’s snowing now and so I can turn my attention to taking photos of snow scenes this afternoon when I’ve finished my today’s challenge. Snow scenes are always popular.

In fact, I’ll finish with some snow scenes. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links. There are links on my Facebook page too.

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