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Tolerance or intolerance? #life

This morning, I said good morning to the followers of the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook and followed it will this paragraph:

“There are a lot of good reasons why this page exists and continues. It helps people understand how Wednesbury developed as a town. It also makes people aware of each other. It helps build a community. You see names pop up in the comments day after day. You start to understand who the positive people are and who the negative ones are. You find out who the sh*t stirrers are in our community. You find out about tolerance and intolerance. There are many divisions in the world, in our country and in our community. The division between the people who are intolerant and the more mature people who show tolerance and reason tend to be clear to see. Please try to be tolerant and reasonable.”

Tolerance or intolerance

People who agreed with me clicked ‘like’ and there was a couple of comments from a couple of my friends from school! I think we have a choice, we can choose tolerance or intolerance. That comment was triggered by a few things. Another blogger, who regularly tries to stir things up did a post and a link to that post went into our history group. I showed tolerance, I didn’t exclude the poster, I simply deleted the link. Wednesbury Updates, a group that was set up to fight petty crime in the town closed down because of harassment and intolerance. I saw it coming. There were other events but I think in this instance, the intolerant have been put in the spotlight and shamed.


Of course, my post was a result of a half-decent education and my friends reminded me of that. I tried to remember who my English language teacher was but it escapes me. I think I learned to write reasonably well by reading a lot too. I’m a great fan of our Carnegie library and was a frequent visitor throughout my childhood. I don’t read much fiction these days, although much that is written about politics seems to be fiction! I do read the Guardian a lot and their writers write with the use of a dictionary unless they have incredible memories for obscure words. I read on-line of course and that allows me to Google the odd incomprehensible word.

The ability to express oneself without resorting to name calling and obnoxious suggestion is not only useful but an indication of an half-decent education. When choosing tolerance or intolerance, the educated tend to choose the former too.

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