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Tolerance please. #ramble

NOVEMBER 1 (105)

This is Wednesbury where I live. I live just down the hill from those two churches that you see in the distance. On the left,t there is the Catholic church, St Mary’s and on the right, St Bartholomew’s church. We even cater for people who need to face Mecca to pray; that’s in the middle distance…

I had just been photographing the trams of the Midland Metro when I shot this. They are very colourful and make for a good picture:

NOVEMBER 1 (107)

It’s Remembrance Sunday today and so there will be a procession to the cenotaph and a procession. I don’t normally attend, but I thought I would have a look and take a few photos. That’s why I’m writing and publishing  this early this morning. We should remember the world wars and not just the fallen but the people who suffered because of that stupidity we call war. I think leaders who take their country to war as an aggressor are always power crazy psychopaths. We should always beware of supporting political leaders who have no empathy towards others. Always beware of the political leader who  is obviously racist too.

Tolerance please

We need to be tolerant towards everyone, whatever their race and whatever their religious beliefs. They might be stupid, they might be a little crazy but as long as they mean us no harm, we should be tolerant. More tolerance can prevent wars and conflicts. Empathy is imagining oneself in the same situation as people less fortunate and feeling the need to help them. Lack of empathy is the first sign that you’re a  psychopath or the sociopath. Not all psychopaths are evil, they can try to be more empathic and sympathetic, many choose not to even try and go into politics instead.

I have to admit to cheating slightly when I started writing today’s post. I made a start on it yesterday so I would have plenty of time to finish it this morning. I think the procession to the cenotaph this morning could be a wet affair because it’s raining. I still hope to take a few photographs, but I need to keep my camera dry. The trendy term for this problem is ‘challenging’. I might be able to hold an umbrella and take photos at the same time. I seem to remember having done it before. I’ll go through the settings on the camera before I even get out of the car. I think the police might close the road, so I will have to be there a little bit early, but it’s worth taking an interest.

Sunday is my day for wandering around taking photos, but I think rain might well stop play today. I’m trying to think positive and hope it will stop raining by this afternoon.

I found out last night that a distant relative stood for The Monster Raving Loony Party in the general election. I would expect no less from my distant relatives. I did find one was a bit posh and president of the Conservative Club, but it takes all sorts. I tend to have quite liberal views but have gone more left wing in recent years. I think it’s a reaction to the far right in government. I’m even getting more sympathetic to the regimes in communist countries. I look for the good in all living things, it’s a shame we have a walking corpse as chancellor of the exchequer. The government looks more like the living dead every time I see them, they are quite creepy. Maybe that was why they got elected, people too scared to vote for anyone else.  I did wonder if some of the opposition candidates weren’t robots, though. Jeremy Corbyn is a bit of a worry, but at least when you look at him you don’t think psycho, living dead or automaton.

That’s it for today, I’ll add a few pictures for the living dead to look at. If you would like to follow this blog, just enter your email in the space at the top of the sidebar or just follow me on Twitter for updates  and occasional re-tweets.

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