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Manor Hospital

This is the hospital where I go, a couple of times a year. I’ve had a lot of ill health and people can judge you unkindly if they can’t see what is wrong with you. So I think my greatest attribute is being non-judgemental.

Today’s challenge from WordPress is ‘toot your horn’ which isn’t something I’m used to doing. I am often self-deprecating, I’m nobody special. I have been called ‘famous’ in the past month. This is because I run the local history page on Facebook and some of my blog posts are used by the regional newspaper. I have been trying to be a little less self-deprecating but I still feel I’m being judged.

I’m trying to be useful in the community. I’ve offered to be a volunteer before and no one seems interested. I am now offering to use my writing skills, such as they are, to try to make the community better. Although, I think using my photography skills as a community photographer might be a better use of my talents. My health still isn’t good, so I can’t take bookings, but maybe I’ll be welcome at community events and be able to publicise them.

I’m supposed to be tooting my own horn. I’m not doing a very good job of it am I? I have done other things for the past few years. I have helped international students with their studies and I enjoyed that. They don’t judge me harshly and I was even sent flowers by one of the graduates last year. Yes, they did graduate despite my help!

Social media

As a blogger, I also have to try to use social media to promote my blog and you can find links to my posts on my Facebook Page. I’m still trying to develop that page and make it interesting. So far I have concentrated on words, images and music. I’m also promoting my blog on LinkedIn and Twitter. I suppose that is a skill too, some people make a living from running social media campaigns these days.

Many bloggers have a niche that they stick to or simply talk about themselves. I write about photography, saving money and investments and on a Sunday I just ramble about whatever is on my mind. I like a routine and so I’m trying to find subjects for the other days too.

A Zillion Ideas

I called this blog a Zillion Ideas because I do have lots of ideas. Recently, I considered importing clothing from China! It was a good idea, but I’m too old to undertake a big venture like that. There are simpler ways for me to keep busy. Today I’m watching the stock market closely as I will write a post about investments on Friday. The market has been picking up, but today the indices are in negative territory.

What else can I say about myself? People say I’m a ‘nice’ person. What more could I wish for?

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Toot Your Horn!

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