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Top 5 Cities for Going Solar

A guest post by Mary Sauer

During 2015, the generation of energy using solar power has doubled. It was a remarkable year for the solar industry, and it gained a momentum we hope to see continue until our country can reach—and even surpass—the goals set for reducing our consumption of non-renewable energy sources and increasing our reliance on solar power.

There’s not a single factor to explain the last year’s vast improvements in the solar industry. From policy change to technological advances to increased availability of affordable solar, widespread improvement of the industry as a whole has made it possible for individuals and business owners across the country to consider solar as a realistic option for perhaps the first time. If you’re interested in making the switch the solar, it is helpful to know that some green-energy cities stand ahead of the rest of the pack. If reduced waste, sustainability, and environmental responsibility is a necessity in your life and you’re considering a move to a greener locale, take a close look at these top 5 cities who’ve made the switch to solar energy.

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Los Angeles, California

Leading the pack is Los Angeles, which may not be so surprising when you consider how much sunshine this city receives. Over the course of a year, Los Angeles residents have the pleasure of enjoying 284 sunny days. Overall, Los Angeles has a cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity of 132 megawatts.

San Diego, California

While it is definitely true that the amount of sunshine a city receives is helpful to its ability to increase reliance on solar energy, there are many other factors at play. San Diego, for instance, has blown other cities out of the water by legally committing to relying on renewable energy sources 100 per cent by the year 2035. Their devotion to this goal has led to a number two ranking in solar energy production, with a cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity of 107 megawatts.

Phoenix, Arizona

By making solar a more affordable option for residents, cities are able to make amazing growth to an increased reliance on renewable energy sources. In Phoenix, for instance, residents have access to cost-cutting federal and state tax credits as well as incentives offered based on the performance of their solar power systems. Phoenix comes in third for the top cities for going solar, with a cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity of 96 megawatts.

San Jose, California

Another way cities are making waves in the energy industry is through collaboration with local businesses. For years now, the government in San Jose has worked closely with private energy companies to make solar a more available and affordable option for both home and business owners there. Their cooperation has clearly paid off because today San Jose is ranked number four in the top 5 solar cities in the United States with a cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity of 94 megawatts.

Honolulu, Hawaii

In addition to coming in fifth place for top solar energy producers in the United States, Honolulu has another reason to brag. Their city has the highest cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity per person, at 265 megawatts per capita.

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Location shouldn’t feel limiting in your quest to live a greener lifestyle, and it’s encouraging to know that more cities in the United States are joining the solar revolution every day. But if you’re yearning to relocate to a city that’s already reaping the countless benefits of solar energy, these 5 cities are your perfect match for your lifestyle and the environment.

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