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Trolls and troublemakers #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning once again and so I’ll let you into the innermost recesses and share my thoughts with you. The trolls were back this week and it seems I have been stalked! What is it with some people? If it isn’t politics dividing people, it’s power or as in this case old-fashioned jealousy.


Unusual shots

I’m into photography and I quite often take quite unusual shots from my car. This is at Hydes Pool, a hidden gem in Wednesbury, according to one of the trolls. He gets jealous of my car, hence the picture. I know, it is nothing to be jealous of, it’s hardly a Ferrari!


Anyway, I was going to go to the art gallery yesterday for the jazz and see if the picture I have in the exhibition is popular. I missed it because I wasn’t well but I’m working on that and hope to be well enough to get a few things done this week. I went to a photography group last week and hope to go again this week if I’m well enough.

Photography is about experimentation and I’m experimenting with metering and photographing people more. Black Country Day worked out well for me even though I missed the carnival. Clouds can have silver linings, even the trolls have helped me identify friends from foe and strengthened my friendships.

I write so I can share my thoughts and ideas but I know some of my readers bear me ill-feeling so I have to consider what is wise to write about and what is not. It makes writing guarded but I suppose that is better than writing like an idiot for all the world to see. Things could be much worse.

That’s it for today. I  have to devote some time to our local history page but I think I’ll be out and about today seeing what I can point my camera at! If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links. There are also links on my Facebook page.

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