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Trying a different approach #photography #art

It was the Tipton Canal Festival at the weekend and so a great opportunity for me to continue my development of photography into art. The historian will look at finance from a different perspective to a mathematician. An artist will look at the creation of images from a different perspective to a photographer. I want to try a different approach and look at my photography from the perspective of an artist rather than thinking just about the technical aspects of creating an image. My project involves photographing people, places and things with a zoom lens and I want to zoom in quite close up. The people are easy and now I’m getting an idea of what things I want to photograph. I couldn’t park my car anywhere near the canal festival but I still got some shots from the bridge near the Barge and Barrel with the 300mm lens.

Different approach

Different approach

As part of my different approach, as well as trying to get depth to the image, I want subtle colours and so despite it being a landscape, I set the camera for portrait (as opposed to vivid, etc.). Zooming in with a wide aperture is also a different approach and puts the foreground out of focus and puts the subject in focus against a slightly out of focus background. I think it works quite well.



I was able to zoom in even closer on the people as the narrowboat came nearer. I’m wary of photographing children without permission but in this case, they are incidental to the picture. It is very unlikely anyone would identify them from this image. This different approach gives me a more natural picture and I think this image would be appreciated if it was printed and exhibited.


My different approach extends to zooming in close on people as they do different things. Someone commented on social media that I was photographing their backs! I don’t really want to identify them. I want to show what they are doing, not who they are.



Facial expressions can also make a picture interesting and so I quite like this shot of the tour boat passing by.  I did zoom in even closer for a few shots.


Clear shot

This is a fairly clear shot and shows what he is doing and his posture says something about his diligence and sense of responsibility towards his passengers. He does have a lot of people on board including children.

Peter Hackett - Scarbelly Blues Band

Scarbelly Blues

I saw Peter Hackett of the Scarbelly Blues Band in the garden of the Barge and Barrel and he reminded me that they were playing there that afternoon so I took the opportunity to photograph the band. In this image, I have a different approach too. I would normally try to get the subject 1/3 across the image to highlight the rest of the image. In this case, I wanted the blind in the background to be prominent. I think the blind makes the image a lot more interesting.

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