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Trying to think positively #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so I’ll let you into the neural labyrinth once again and share my thoughts with you. I’m still unwell but trying to think positively. I’ll go out today and try to get some exercise while practising my photography. I do collect interesting photographs by other photographers and I follow Magnum photographers and look at what they are doing. I’ve become quite interested in taking indoor photos using natural light. You have a lot less light but you get interesting shadows and I like the contrasts.

trying to think positively

Haters and the trolls

Where was I? Oh yes, I was trying to think positively. There is a lot of negativity in the world and I have become more aware of criminality within the community just lately. We have to look at the big picture and I see quite a few signs of community spirit. The haters and the trolls are annoying but they are in the minority. They are just sad individuals like those kids who didn’t get a bike for Christmas who feel justified in stealing someone else’s.

Art Cards

My art card project turned out to be a small success. I actually need one more sale to cover the print costs but taking the risk and having 2,000 printed was a good move. I think the library has probably recovered the money they laid out to buy 50 sets too. They had more than half of it back the last time I was there. The cards have been sent all over the world and I still have lots of cards left. The project has a number of parts and now I can move on to part two! I’m trying to think positively about this project too. The aim was to promote Wednesbury and I’m achieving that goal in a small way.

Trying to think positively

My photography is important and so I decided I needed more light for those indoor shots and that means a flash but a softer flash so I decided to buy one of those softbox things to fit on my flash and there was an offer to add-on a reflector to my order and of course, Christmas is coming. Yes, my initial order for £9 turned into an order for £90. I have at least got most of my Christmas presents sorted out now. I’m trying to think positively about Christmas as well.


I do have more awards for writing than photography but I haven’t been happy with my writing for some time. My photography is improving but my writing isn’t. Trying to think positively about writing won’t help too much, I need a goal. I need to set a goal and decide on the message and then write about it. I do that quite well with the photography posts but even those are only of interest to keen photographers. The main thing that is missing in my writing is humour and that is because I haven’t been well. You have to take life seriously when you’re not well.

That’s it for today. I have my day planned out. I have to buy beer and then spend the afternoon taking pictures with a bit of cooking and eating in between. Think positive: buy beer.

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I’ll end with some pictures, it will make up for the humourless writing…

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