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Twisting the narrative #ramble

Once again it’s Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. People still claim that the government is trying to control them. There was another comment on Facebook about Bill Gates having an interest in a vaccine company. In fact, Bill Gates has a foundation that tries to vaccinate children again deadly diseases in the third world. People twist the narrative to create their own narrative that aligns with their own twisted view of the world.


This seems to be a problem throughout the internet. Bloggers twist the narrative, it’s the same on Facebook and Twitter. When they aren’t distorting the narrative they are feigning outrage. I suppose it is a symptom of a 20th-century problem.  From Donald Trump down to the local street cleaner, they all have an inflated sense of their own importance. I agree that people need a voice and the internet gives it to them but why do they feel the need to oppose every reasonable viewpoint?


The way people have been challenging the covid regulations and rules means that there will be even more restrictions this week. The virus is spreading in pubs and in schools. More vulnerable people are catching the virus and ending up in intensive care. Those intensive care beds are needed for people with other medical problems. Do we prioritise covid patients over cancer patients? It seems inevitable that fines will now be issued to people who won’t abide by the restrictions.


Authority needs to show leadership and I admit Boris isn’t the best leader we could have but he is the Prime Minister and parliament makes the rules. I also think Matt Hancock has done a good job and showed leadership. We should all do our bit and bring this pandemic to an end. Having said that it is time to restrict international travel more, check that people returning to Britain go into quarantine and do temperature checks at airports and in schools.

As always on Tuesday, I’ll be doing a photography post.

Stay safe.

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