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Ulterior motive: asking why? #ramble

Yes, it is Sunday morning again and so I’m going to share my thoughts with you. This week, I’m questioning people’s motives. In fact, I wonder ‘why’ all the time! Remember Band-Aid? Who benefited from that? Did we see our TV screens full of starving people getting fed? My TV screen was full of rich people getting richer on the back of a campaign to get poor people to donate to even poorer people who I suspect never got any money. There was an ulterior motive to their campaign wasn’t there?

ulterior motive?

Landscape photography

I have landscape photography on my mind this morning too because I need to go out and commune with nature. I’ve had a bit of hostility in my life this week and I need peace and calm. Do I have an ulterior motive? Well yes, a newspaper has asked me for some landscape pictures. We all need recognition don’t we? I want recognition as a writer and artist. What’s wrong with that?

Little secrets

When people try to hide things, I wonder why. Is that little secret actually a big secret? Does that firm statement, “I don’t want to talk about it!”, hide a bigger secret? Then there is the bluster, typified by Boris Johnson. That surely hides a sinister plot?

Telltale signs

The bluster is a telltale sign of embarrassment but that doesn’t always indicate dishonesty. Then there is the habit. I remember a lady who frequently used the phrase, “how lovely” to win people over and hide her indifference to just about everything. In fact, it was more than indifference, it was self-delusion. Other telltale signs of an ulterior motive are status symbols and signs of opulence. The manicured block-paved drive on the surface indicates prosperity but the underlying reason for it, is a desire to be accepted by the neighbours and so it is a need for recognition and acceptance. I can understand that. We all need recognition and acceptance and chasing that is fine as long as we don’t bully others along the path to recognition.


We all have a tendency to be tribal and try to fit in and we admonish or even ostracise those that refuse to fit in. I do tend to be the lone hunter and find it hard to fit in and when the tribe turns on me and demands I fit in, my first thought is to tell them to do their own hunting! We have developed through many generations into a sophisticated society with rules and polite behaviour and so I try to be polite and adhere to the rules despite that primitive, innermost desire to hack them to death with my tomahawk. Not everyone can be the chief of the tribe or even sit with the chief in the largest tepee. That’s OK, I never wanted to be the chief anyway…


Psychology is the study of the human mind and a subject that I have always been fascinated with. I think survival is a primitive goal and many of the primitive survival strategies are alive and well today. People even paint their bodies so other members of the same tribe will accept them. Well, these days they pay someone else to do the painting. Team sports are an example of how kicking a bag of wind around a field can be turned into a tribal ritual. Members of the tribe these days who don’t want to paint their bodies with permanent marks can identify themselves by wearing the tribal tee shirt. This explains my  aversion to printed tee shirts…

Patience and understanding

Understanding ourselves and those around us isn’t easy but at least I try and I’m patient and I put my tomahawk down when I’m speaking to people…

Ulterior motive

Yes, there can be a hidden secret, ulterior motive or jealousy. They see others going into the big tepee and coming our with a brightly coloured feather and a new tee shirt and they become green with envy. I don’t covet my neighbour’s tee shirt.

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