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Understanding perceptions #psychology

We all see things differently. These are our perceptions of our environment and of society. We disagree on Brexit because we all are all prejudiced in some way. Racism motivates many people who have anxieties about people who are different to us. We tend to become anxious about anything new or different, we like to feel secure in our own little world. So why do people go in search of excitement? It has a lot to do with mood and our perceptions change with our mood. Some people are in a constant state of anxiety and so are more fearful of change. Others seem to be constantly depressed and have a tendency to negative perceptions. Understanding these perceptions is difficult.

understanding perceptions


Perceptions are often distorted to fit in with our beliefs. People start seeing ghosts to fit in with their belief that there really is life after death. They believe, not the truth, but a distortion of the truth because the truth is too hard to bear. They can’t accept the reality that they are going to die one day and so fabricate an alternative truth and perceptions to support that truth. People who see ghosts and spirits seem to distort their perceptions in other ways too and tend to be quite anxious people.

Understanding perceptions

Understanding perceptions and the motivation that distorts what we see is complex. Writers create their own worlds and characters within them to share with others but these worlds are also an escape from reality. People with schizophrenia create other entities that they believe exist but only exist for them. They hear voices rationalising the irrational. We all do that. We can all, at some time, believe in the irrational or have problems drawing a line between the rational and irrational. Our perceptions often change in an attempt to rationalise things we find hard to accept. It might be the suffering of a loved one, death or a threat to our well-being. We then find ourselves behaving differently and making excuses. It is irrational to take gifts for the dead but people visit graves and take flowers. Every society has rituals to appease the dead. This behaviour is motivated by fear of death. Yet we also see people behaving irrationally and defying death. They race cars, skydive out of aircraft and go swimming with sharks. They stick their fingers up at death and declare that they are not afraid. The perception then becomes ones of believing they live some kind of charmed life, that it will never happen to them because they are lucky or highly skilled.

Can we trust our perceptions of the world that surrounds us? The answer is simply no, our view of our world is always distorted by our fears and anxiety.

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