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Unusual investments

It was another week of uncertainty for investors as we wait for that dreaded referendum and its unpredictable consequences. So may investors are looking for unusual investments  that offer some predictability.

Unusual investment one

The first place to look for an unusual investment is in your own home. Could purchasing another freezer save you money on food? Could extra thermal insulation save on heating bills? Could a water meter reduce your water bill? You can also look at investing to save on motoring costs too, modern cars use less fuel. Even the garden could be a place to look to save money. Maintaining the garden costs money, could you invest to save there? You could even decide to unclutter your home and have a minimalist style that is not only low cost when it comes to maintenance but low cost when it comes to cleaning your home.

Time is money

For many people, time is money and investing to save time can be as fruitful as investing to make money. Paying someone else to do a job, could give you more time to spend in your own business for example.

Peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending is still seen as an unusual investment by many people but I have been a Zopa member for 5 years now with no problems and a good return on my investment. It is much simpler now, you just choose the account you want and the higher return accounts pay higher rates of interest. I invest in the middle one and get a return of around 4%. You can invest as little as £2,000 and if you click the Zopa link in the sidebar, they will give you fifty quid to start you off. That’s over 2% on your first year and probably more than the bank is paying you.

Discretionary income

Discretionary income is the money left over after you have paid for all your essentials. It is the money you have left for those little luxuries that you want, but don’t really need. Investment income can double the amount of discretionary income that you have and effectively double your standard of living. You can spend more on Christmas or spend more on your holidays for example. You can also build up investments so that you have a better future. Consider conventional investments but also consider whether unusual investments are right for you too. Even growing lettuces and tomatoes through summer could be just the unusual investment that you need.

Meanwhile, on the stock market, share prices continue to suffer because of the EU referendum uncertainty. David Cameron’s threat of withdrawal if our membership wasn’t revised, has backfired. If the in campaign wins, we could see some share prices rocket. Which companies to invest in and which way the vote will go is something else.

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