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Using different settings #photography

As usual over the weekend I was out taking photographs. On Saturday, it was an event and I was taking photographs of people and on Sunday it was landscape and I was photographing scenes and buildings. I was using different settings for different types of subject.

using different settings

Different settings

When I was photographing people I used spot focusing and centre weighted metering because I had a fairly narrow subject. I tried to get natural looking candid photos rather than asking people to pose. I also used a 28 – 300mm lens which gave me good reach but wasn’t quite wide enough in enclosed spaces. The picture above I took on Sunday. The metering was the matrix setting and I used all the focus points. Whenever I need to get both sides of a wide subject into focus whether it be a building or a group of people then I use all 51 focus points. The light on the two days was quite different too. On Saturday it was quite dull but I was shooting mostly wide open so I had enough light. A few shots were at f/8 so I increased the ISO. Besides using different settings, I constantly change settings as I shoot. The bright sunlight on Sunday made the above shot a little over-exposed so I sharpened the image in editing to bring out the pattern of the brickwork.

Nikon D750

I’m still getting used to the Nikon D750 and using different settings. I find the two thumbwheels really useful and can change the aperture easily with one and the shutter speed with the other. I can go from a portrait to a landscape shot quite quickly. There are some interesting special effects. One enables me to select colours and take a grey-scale photo but with just one colour visible in the photo. I think that can be adjusted to three colours. I’ve tried it a couple of times and the results are interesting. I think a grey-scale image with just one detail in colour such as a brightly coloured car would make an interesting shot.

SUNNY (52)


I like delicate colours and so even when I shoot landscapes I prefer to be set to portrait for the colour balance. I didn’t have that set quite right at the weekend. A clarity setting was set to a negative value so next time the images should be better. Fine tuning that setting can get the image close to what is needed and often there is little need for editing.

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