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My Thrifty Thursday post is usually about saving money by shopping around but being frugal can save you even more. I watched a TV programme yesterday evening about a woman learning to cook to save money. She was spending a fortune on food and much of it was loaded with sugar and salt. The BBC has lots of fairly frugal recipes on their website and so check it out and learn to cook a few meals. You can get value for money and enjoy your food more.

value for money ideas

Habitual savings

If you get into the habit of cooking something every Friday to not only save money but as a treat for the family. You start the weekend with more money to actually enjoy the weekend. Your Friday special might be eggs, chips and peas which is really frugal. It might be those delicious Lincolnshire sausages from Aldi with baked potatoes and veggies as a Friday treat. It will still work out much cheaper and healthier than having a pizza delivered. Remember too, that there is 20% VAT on your takeaway but food that you cook yourself is tax-free!


You can make huge savings when driving and get value for money from your fuel. Get into the habit of driving carefully and using less fuel. Check to see what the official MPG should be and then try to achieve it with careful driving. Slow down in plenty of time when approaching a junction and use the higher gears a lot more.

Penalty notices

1 in 3 people gets a penalty notice every year. That is parking tickets, notices for speeding and driving in bus lanes. If you drive slower and more carefully, you’ll reduce the number of tickets you’ll get as well. Get value for money when you’re driving and there will be more money left to spend on that summer holiday.


You can also get value for money by monitoring your waste and what goes into your recycling bin. If the recycling bin fills up quickly every week take a moment to check all that packaging and consider whether you actually needed all those products. Less really can mean more. More money to spend on days out and on your holiday if you spend less on junk.

Value for money

You have the internet to research products and read reviews and this will help you get value for money. You can also look for great recipes for every meal imaginable and the rest is just about reading the instructions carefully and following them to create gourmet meals.

That’s it for today, mostly getting value for money is simply a matter of being willing to try new ideas. If you would like to follow my blog, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links on my Facebook page.

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