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I recently changed my car and the new one has lots of new gadgets. I like the display that tells me how many miles to the gallon I’m getting. It reads 99 MPG when I’m rolling downhill in 5th gear! I paid cash for the car and so my bank balance isn’t quite as healthy as it was, so I’m thinking even more about getting value for money, than usual.

value for money

Investing in quality

Yesterday, I wore a tee shirt that I bought a few years ago. It’s still like new and it is thicker cotton than most of my tee shirts. Of course, I didn’t need that on such a warm day.  This morning I went to put on a tee shirt on that I only bought 2 months ago and that has developed tiny holes already. It can be worth investing in quality as long as it is something that won’t go out of fashion. The more expensive tee shirt was obviously better value for money.

Value for money

Being too thrifty can mean getting poor value for money. We need to look for value in everything. A cheap meal that fills your stomach isn’t really good value if you didn’t enjoy it. On the other hand, I can enjoy eggs and chips with tomato ketchup just the same as something costing ten times as much.


Aldi has some good camping equipment in their special buy range. I bought a couple of the LED lanterns last year and they’re great. I have one in the door compartment of my car and if I get home and it’s dark I use it to see the door lock when I’m trying to unlock the door of my house! It has been very useful and is still on the original batteries. There are some nice tents in that range of Adventuridge products, too. I also bought the fold-up table which is very good quality.

Days Out

We have had warm weather throughout most of Britain this week and like most people, I thought about days out. The seaside is an obvious choice for most people but with petrol prices the way they are, that is an expensive option if you’re in the heart of England like me. The cool breeze off the sea is always pleasant on a  hot day but there are rivers, pools and lakes to be enjoyed too and they can be much more enjoyable. You can get value for money and spend more on enjoying the day and less on petrol getting there. You also get to spend more time at your chosen destination. There are even reservoirs open to the public and there are fewer vendors trying to part you from your money. You might have to take your own food and drink to the less popular beauty spots but you won’t be pressured into buying ice creams for all the family.

Summer time

Summer time is here now and we need to enjoy it without breaking the bank. The familiar jingle of the ice cream van outside will have the children begging for ice creams on a hot day. You can, however, get them used to having jelly and ice cream from the freezer at tea time. It is a value for money option, that will save you pounds by the end of the summer.

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