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Value for money #thrifty

Being thrifty isn’t about buying cheap stuff, it’s about getting value for money. Expensive designer clothing is made in the same low-wage countries as the budget clothing. Food might be marked as value, but it might a little less perfect than the more expensive line. You have to use your own judgement when shopping around.

If you’re looking for Christmas presents, consider value for money there too. Check out the discount supermarkets for essentials in food and drink. Top quality champagne and other drinks are often much cheaper than the leading supermarkets. In Aldi yesterday, I found a lot of Christmas foods that appeared to be good value for money. I bought a cuddly toy for one of the younger members of my family too.

The Aldi super-six this week are parsnips (600g), Brussels sprouts (750g), broccoli, maris piper potatoes (2 Kg), carrots (1Kg) and little gem lettuce (2). Those are 39p each and the  offers continue  until the 30th of December.

Today’s special buys at Aldi are worth checking out. The top ones are products made from slate. I’m not too impressed, but I like the idea of things made from slate.

The top special buy on Sunday is a Dyson cleaner. Those are worth checking out, there is  even an acoustic guitar. I’ll look at the leather belts, I’ve been after one for months. They are always too short in Aldi, so check the length before you buy!

Online shopping will be more popular than ever this Christmas and Amazon will be the top choice. They have a wide variety of good, but when you search they don’t always show you the best value product.  I’m going to need a new camera bag soon and the Amazon basics one looks good value. I think I’ll manage for a while, it’s not good value if I’m going to need an even bigger one sometime in the near future. I did buy a Neewer flash from Amazon and that seems good value.

If you have the Matalan app on your phone, check that out for a 20% discount on a £25 spend. You can save a fiver buying your Christmas jumper. I don’t think it’s good value to buy knitwear that can only be worn at Christmas, so look for warm knitwear that can be worn all through winter.

If you’re stuck for a present, get some gift bags from Poundland and then make up a goody bag. You could put in chocolate and sweets, stationery and other goodies. Here’s one that I did:

Fei  present

The mice are made from sugar and edible! A goody bag is unusual for an adult and an alternative to a Christmas stocking for a child. They are always a welcome surprise.

Do you have any value for money ideas? Please share them in the comments box below. If you would like to follow this blog please enter your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.

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