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Value your eyesight. #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again I let you into the labyrinth of neurons and share my thoughts with you. My glasses are still in the opticians and so I am looking at a blurred computer screen and hoping for the best. I still have distance glasses so I’m able to find my way around and drive but not being able to read is really annoying. You really do need to value your eyesight.

Value your eyesight

Value your eyesight

I met my friend from Shanghai at the Midland Metro station yesterday but I needed to check for messages on my phone because she was delayed. The bright sunlight and my blurred vision made it impossible to see the screen on my phone. When she finally arrived I wasn’t in the station but had gone back to my car to shelter from the harsh sun and try to read messages. I value my eyesight more today after struggling yesterday.


I think the photographs that I took yesterday were quite good but I can’t see them very clearly. I think my photography has improved in the past few years and certainly portrait photography is better. The photographs I took of my friend look quite good.

I also have art on my mind. My picture should be in the exhibition at the art gallery soon. I’ve been considering my subjects more and while I was waiting at the tram station I saw a few people who I would have liked to photograph. I don’t like invading people’s privacy, though. I have to become more out-going and talk to people and ask permission to take their picture. It is easier at public events but I think it is polite to ask when people are just going about their daily business. I like to see people who typify an image. I photographed cricketers last week and they typify Englishness to me. I saw a guy in skinny jeans listening to his music through ear-buds and that seemed to typify the youth of today, at least to me.

I seem to like photographing gates and fences too because they give an image a sense of sharpness so I’ll look for more scenes that have railings and gates in them.

That’s it for today, I’m struggling to see my screen. I’ll add some pictures and there are more images on my Facebook page.

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