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Variety is the spice of life #life


People often put all their energies into just one thing. It might be their career, their hobby or that one special relationship. The problem is when they lose their job, the relationship breaks up or they are no longer able to pursue their hobby; then they feel heart broken. It seems that, variety, is the spice of life.

By taking an interest in many things and not forsaking our friends for that one ‘special’ person, we can avoid heart break or at least  when our relationship breaks up, we have friends who will support us.

I remember people queuing for their money outside a bank that was in trouble a few years ago. To use another well known quote, they had ‘put all their eggs in one basket’. Maybe it’s a good idea to have more than one bank account and a means of going without a bank account altogether for a while.

They say diversity is good in the garden too, that tomatoes grow better if planted next to carrots. I don’t know that much about gardening, but nature does seem to favour diversity.


Just taking an interest in a variety of things can keep the mind active and healthy. Many people read the same newspaper every day and seem brainwashed by it. I do prefer to get news from many sources and these days that’s easy with the internet.

Learning about anything can have a very narrow focus, so you become quite an expert on a particular subject. You can however see that one subject differently, by being diverse. If you take up rambling on weekends for example, you might find taking different routes is more interesting and you discover different things. You might apply the same principle to your day job, looking for different routes to success.

Variety and diversity works in nature as it evolves and changes to adapt to the seasons. We too can evolve and change with the seasons.  People come and go with the different seasons of life and we have to adapt and develop. A variety of friends and relationships can help us adapt to the changing seasons.

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