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I wrote about the nature of money earlier. I know, two blogs in one day! The Bank of England issues notes and the Royal Mint issues coins; this is money. The government also issues bonds and they are paper and valuable and so just as good as money and can be exchanged for money. Originally, money was gold and silver and both gold and silver can still be exchanged for money. Even private companies can now print their own money in the form of vouchers and even make electronic money in the form of vouchers.

I used a voucher just before Christmas in Matalan (ask for a Matalan card at the checkout  and they send you one) and that saved me and my friend 20% on a bill of over £100; that is as good as money. There are also electronic vouchers that you can use online. You can even get vouchers for free to use at Amazon by doing surveys online! A site in the UK that goes voucher codes for free is My Voucher Codes UK and they have useful electronic vouchers for use online. or example 10% off George at Asda when you spend over £25. You can get 20% off furniture at Asda Direct and that isn’t to be sniffed at. They have a nice recliner for £499; you save nearly £100 with 20% off. Can you get the same chair cheaper elsewhere? Maybe… I have a similar chair in my office they doesn’t recline but it rocks! It cost a fraction of £499 and is an high end executive chair. 20% is a good saving though if you want that particular chair.

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