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Waiting for spring? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so this must be another ramble through the little-used pathways of my mind. What’s on my mind this morning? The weather for one! I took a few photographs of a rugby match yesterday. It was cold!


I think the wind chill factor made it much worse, but it was only 3C anyway. I’m looking forward to spring with longer days and more light for my photography. I will take a few photos this afternoon, but I think it will be challenging. That’s what the government says when it’s going to try doing something it thinks is impossible. They use the word challenging, rather than saying nigh on impossible; which they really mean.


Technology is wonderful, but I do like to support the preservation of our Victorian parks and our local nature reserves. I think digital cameras have changed news reporting, these days anyone and everyone can take a picture and share a news event to some extent. The picture might not be great, but better than no picture at all.  We can also share using words and computers make that sharing so much easier. I even have photos and tips on my Facebook page. The Facebook page isn’t as popular as some others I manage, but it is popular with some local people who follow what I do. One new fan this week lives in Tokyo, in fact, he was the only new person to click ‘like’.


The world is so much smaller with the internet and jet travel. I have spoken to friends in five different countries this week as far away as China and California. We can share thoughts and pictures and build friendships that make racism a thing of the past. There are still some racist Neanderthals who fear anyone who is different, but we are becoming a closer world as barriers are removed and people become less anxious about people who are different. The internet is also open to people of the same race who are different for other reasons such as disability. There is still discrimination against people who are disabled mostly by our own governments who set a bad example.

Political divide

The world is becoming more politically divided as it becomes polarised left or right with little in between. In the UK, the middle ground has all but been destroyed by extremists. The extremes, however, demand change, a change driven by an  ideology born out of belief rather than proven ideas. People don’t like change, they find comfort in the familiar. Maybe, people will temper their beliefs on both sides of the political divide and demand more moderation and tolerance?


Anyway, I think it’s about 60 days to the spring equinox when things will look a lot brighter! We still have April showers to look forward to and Easter. My daffodils are starting to blooms early in anticipation of an early spring. I think I’ll end with a few pictures of spring.

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