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Walsall wandering #photography

Spring in wonderful Walsall?

Walsall aye it

Walsall wandering is on my mind this morning. Yes, the sun is shining and so I’m thinking of crossing over the M6 motorway and going to wonderful Walsall. The town centre is a municipal disaster but there are some interesting places around Walsall. Yes, I think I’ll wander around Walsall.

Active areas

It’s Sunday morning and so I’m letting you into the most active areas of my mind where my thoughts are making important decisions. Which lens shall I use today? Shall I use my sat nav? I could do a bit of street photography with my 35mm prime around gallery square where the waterfront is. I could go to a nature reserve or photograph a lock keeper’s cottage at Park Hall. I’m spoiled for choice in wonderful Walsall. How sociable do I feel today? Shall I get up close and personal and photograph people with my 35mm prime? I could use my 105mm zoom and do some landscapes or go for a nice long lens which would allow me to choose people or things without even getting too close. I’ll take all three and my dash cam. I’ll have to swap around, swap lenses and swap dash cam for sat nav. My day is starting to sound confusing. I’m going to Walsall, it’s bound to be confusing…


If I photographed the geese flying over the pool in Wednesbury I could make it into an animated GIF, they’re allowed on Facebook now. I could be a bit creative with the different frames and turn it into an amazing aerial display. Just a thought…

You can make gifs that look like silent movies or what the butler saw clips and much more if you have a camera that takes multiple shots. Set it to take small pictures, hold it still or put it on a tripod and take lots of shots of something moving like the maid in a what the butler saw movie adjusting her stocking tops. Then you just drag and drop all your images into a frame on Photoscape and adjust the frame rate for your animated movie, then save it.

I might make an animated movie today…

That’s it I’ll see if I can find some photos of wonderful Walsall now. If you would like to follow this blog just  enter your email at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more ideas on my Facebook page.

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