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One of the reasons I started A Zillion Ideas was to give people a chance to write and be published. You have to write to gain experience and having your work published concentrates the mind. You try harder when people are reading your work. Fairy Dharawat has written some good posts and more recently she has been joined by Ramya Raju. I would have liked a few people from the UK too!


I’ve learnt quite a lot from running the site. My editing has improved and I spot mistakes far more easily. I write much faster too and have become more creative. Having someone edit your work is a good thing for writers, because most writers hate editing. I wasn’t so keen on it when I first started.


The site also allows you to have your photographs and digital art published. I think perhaps I’m more known for the art and photography than writing now. You don’t need a fancy camera to learn and create, just a willingness to try, be brave and try to create something different.

Social Media

To be a writer, you also need to learn about social media and how to publicise what you write. Most writers are now very familiar with Twitter and Facebook. Having a profile on LinkedIn also helps if you want to be seen as a professional. Sharing on Facebook is important, as are ‘likes’.


SEO, is search engine optimisation and it seems to get more and more complicated. Most writers on the internet try to learn about it. The reason I’m using more subheadings is for SEO purposes. Links to the site are also important. I am trying to make the site more search engine friendly so that readers can find it. It is difficult though. I read articles on one site and the use the phrase ‘what’s more’ to begin a lot of paragraphs. I think they are keywords, just for Google’s benefit. I prefer to think about readers rather than search engines.

Writing has many uses

Writing has many uses and can enhance your career regardless of what you do. The same can often be said of photography. You can learn to construct what you write better and that can help you write a better ‘résumé or business plan. Writing letters can be important too so that you can get your message across in a clear and succinct way. Students have to write papers and dissertations and writing articles is good practice, even though they are written in a more relaxed style to the academic style of university papers. You also have access to an editor, if you need your dissertation edited!


You need some inspiration to be able to write. You need to have experienced life or be experiencing life to gain the inspiration to write. I can write about photography because I do it. I write about things that are part of my life and so inspire me. I try to put ideas into words.


Do you have any ideas? Are you inspired? Why not try to create something for A Zillion Ideas? You can also make it the beginning of a career or a new found interest. If you already have a blog, then use your article to provide it with a backlink.  If you would like to write for a Zillion Ideas, then give it a go. Don’t worry whether very much whether it’s good enough. Start with a few notes and try to put those into words to form an article. When you feel happy with it email it to us for editing and if it’s good enough, it’ll be published. Otherwise, I’ll email a reply with some advice. You’ll get advice on improving your writing anyway. Give it a try!

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