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Brunswick Park, Wednesbury June 2014

I enjoy writing most of the time, but it is a solitary pursuit and I need to get out in the sunshine sometimes. My other interest is photography, so that works out well. Recently I’ve been trying to do a little more in the community I live in.

A Zillion Ideas

I had a series of photographs published in the local newspaper and I can now add some tasteful advertising to my blog posts. I’m tagging this post local so a few local adverts will be featured. I called this site a Zillion Ideas, because that was what I wanted it to be about. I wanted it to be a forum for my ideas and the ideas of anyone else that wanted to contribute. I’m always looking for contributions from others, both articles and photographs. You don’t have to be very good at writing, you just need ideas.


If you’re a keen gardener then you could write about that and share your ideas on gardening. I have a go, but after I’ve mowed the lawn I have little enthusiasm for very much else. I am growing runner beans this year though. I would like to feature some articles on gardening from a keen amateur or a professional. It’s a popular subject. Ideas for recycling containers into pots or making compost would be great too.


I’m very interested in art and so new ideas relating to art would be welcome and this gives you a great opportunity to submit photos. You can also edit you images and submit them as digital art.


It’s difficult to put news on a site like this, but news of forthcoming events would be good. I’m trying to publicise events such as my local carnival. The readers are international, but I’m sure everyone is interested in the photographs even though I only take photos locally. I get lots of comments on my photos from all over the world.


My style of writing is quite relaxed. I do help people with different styles of writing. A CV for example has to be more formal, a university paper or dissertation has to be written using an academic style. For this website, we really want the articles to be easily read by large numbers of people. I try to avoid unfamiliar words or at least paraphrase them. I start with an introduction, then the body of the article and finally some kind of  conclusion. I am trying to use more SEO friendly stuff. Today the file name of my image relates to where the photo was taken and the ‘alt’ tag is the same. I’ve used an ‘H1’ tag for my subtitle and some ‘H3’ tags. If you don’t understand tags and categories, don’t worry, as editor I do all that!

Finally, just write your post in a word processor like Word or WordPad and then attach it to an email and send it to the address at the bottom of the page. You can attach photos to the email too. You will gain experience doing guest articles and I will get articles and more experience of editing. You might even get experienced enough to write for a website that pays money, a newspaper or a magazine. You can also subscribe to this site or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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