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Warmer weather sweeping in. #sundayramble

Once again it Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share my thought with you. What’s on my mind this week? The weather at the moment, it’s freezing! There is a warm front beginning to sweep in over Britain bringing high winds and rain with rising temperatures. I’m going to have my covid vaccination at the hospital later and so I’m pleased it’s going warmer. I’m wearing my warmest jumper! I hope the sleeve pushes up far enough for the jab!

warmer weather sweeping in

Wednesbury Conservation Zone

I’ve been posting pictures of our Conservation Zone on Facebook over the past few days. I hope it will help the artists who have been commissioned to do projects associated with the Zone. The projects are meant to be participatory but that isn’t so easy with lockdown. It’s a shame they can’t do some research in the council archive department to add to our knowledge and sense of history. There is quite a lot of our history online, though and they can ask questions on Facebook.


I’ve checked my tyre pressures on the car. They tend to go down when it’s freezing. I also charged my battery too, because I haven’t been using the car. Maybe I worry too much but it is better to be safe than sorry. I’m a little concerned about wearing a P2 mask, as well. That is a good mask but makes it a little difficult to breathe because have a blocked nose, at least on the one side. I’ll take a Sudafed later and see if that helps! I have visions of my nose running like a tap inside my mask. I’ll take a surgical mask as well, just in case. At least I won’t have to drive far and the snow has more or less melted.


Boris is talking about cautiously easing lockdown. He usually goes for too little, too late. The “eat out –  to help out” was too much too early. Will he get it right this time? I think it is too early. We should require older children in senior schools to obey the rules, social distance and wear masks. A study in the US indicated that wearing a proper surgical mask with a cloth mask on top offers better protection than one mask alone. It’s good that someone now recognises that masks do give some protection to the wearer as well as helping to stop the spread of the virus.

Warmer weather sweeping in

Anyway, the warmer weather sweeping in is good news for me. I don’t mind a bit of rain, it will wash away the snow. While I’ve been writing this my blocked nose has cleared a bit. Things are looking better! We have to try to think positive and the rollout of the vaccines is a step forward but we shouldn’t get too confident. We will still need to be cautious until the infection rate is really low. It is not enough to get the “R” number below 1. Thousands of elderly people dying is not acceptable. We need to get the “R” number well below 0.5 before we end the lockdown. We need cautious optimism and a prime minister who listens to the scientists and experts not the monied gentry on the backbenches and in the Lords.

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